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German-speaking pop music is more successful than ever before - the singer Will Mercene already had this view in 2006 and entered new musical territory when he released his solo album 'Tagebuch' - he was able to achieve a total of millions of clicks with several singles such as "Ein Traum" and "Verzeih mir". achieve youtube. The single 'Ein Traum' alone was able to achieve several hundred thousand clicks on YouTube and is still very popular in various remix versions due to its catchiness and honesty. The techno version of the Cologne electro duo Fappe&Bru is particularly popular in 2022 than ever.


Will was one of the first young German poets, with whom many young people and young adults identify to this day and remain true to him because of his mother tongue. He showed that German-language pop music can be exciting, inspire the masses and still show attitude.

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