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The Quatschsack project stands for music for children and families. Under the motto "kids can do hip-hop too", the children's song project rocks not only hip-hop but also pure pop music with cheeky-funny-clever lyrics from the children's cosmos. At the same time, they claim to make real music. The combination will delight children and parents alike and will definitely bring movement to children's rooms and the industry. And not just recently, by the way. The singer/songwriter and producer duo called Kapatido has been on the road in the hip hop/German rap cosmos for over ten years and has obtained active support from Fox and Hare for the project.

The German-language lyrics of the band revolve around the classics of everyday family life such as sweets, weekends, lazing around, etc., but also deal with everyday situations of children such as bullying, tolerance or mindfulness. It is not uncommon for them to make parents laugh, too, who may feel caught here and there and find the child's view of the world exemplary in some situations. And some topics also give us adults the opportunity to see the world with different eyes and topics that could be easy for adults to master, but represent a greater hurdle for our younger fellow human beings.

The songs are mostly accompanied by rapped and sung passages on modern, fat beats. The sound gets in your ears and your feet and encourages the listeners to dance.

Production is in full swing. We're just waiting for a few formalities and then we'll start on time with the first single at the beginning of summer 2023.

We're looking forward to it!!!

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