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We are Kapatido, two brothers who grew up with all facets of hip-hop culture at the end of the 80s. We don't want to mention that we owe so much to this lifestyle, because we could write books about their influence...

We started early on to give back a part of our great love HIPHOP by throwing parties, giving dance and graffiti courses in youth centers and simply creating good and honest music projects. A relationship as we think it should be: "Take and give!"


what do we stand for

We are old hands, but young weirdos at heart, sometimes sad rappers/singers but always with street cred. We are advocates of the old with an urge for the avant-garde.

What do we want to achieve?

Implementation of own visions and music projects, as well as cooperation and the promotion of unknown talents.

How are we going to achieve it?

We don't follow one of these formulas for success or simply a trend, we don't even want to produce or sell particularly well for the masses, but trust our sense of good music in our sense - here real emotions, humanity and professionalism are in the foreground. If someone says you can't reconcile that with that, then we see it as a challenge to do exactly that, true to the motto: "Only those who swim against the current come to the source".

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